As of 2016, the SAT has changed. The COLLEGE BOARD, creators of this more-than-a-century-old test, has decided that students need to be better equipped for problem solving, more capable of clear communication and possess a greater understanding of complex relationships.

READING, WRITING & LANGUAGE and MATH are compulsory parts of the test. Unlike before, the ESSAY is now optional. The new SAT takes 3 hours without the essay and 3 hours 50 minutes with the essay.

Duration: 152 hours i.e. English 76 hours and Math 76 hours.

Attendance: 6 days a week.

Study Material: The College Board's Official SAT Study Guide.

Our Methodology: We have a three phase approach.

Phase ONE: Orientation to the changes inducted.

Phase TWO: Detailed English and Math instruction that covers every aspect of the new SAT. This involves specific tips and strategies for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing as well as comprehensive Math instruction with examples.

Phase THREE: 4 Official Practice Tests.

The NEW TEST (a sneak preview)::

Reading Test Overview
  • Total Questions: 52
  • Total Time: 65 minutes
  • Number of Passages: Four single passages plus one pair of passages.
  • Passage Length: 500 to 700 words; total of 3250 words.
  • Passage Subjects: One U.S. and world literature passage, two history/social studies passages (one in social science and one from a U.S. founding document or text in the Great Global Conversation), and two science passages.
Writing and Language Test Overview
  • Total Questions: 44
  • Total Time: 35 minutes
  • Number of Passages: Four
  • Passage Length: 400 to 450 words; total of 1700 words.
  • Passage Subjects: One passage on a career-related topic and one passage each in the humanities, history/social studies, and science.
Math Test Overview
  • Time Allotted: 80 minutes which include a Calculator Portion of 55 minutes and a Non-Calculator Portion of 25 minutes.
  • Total Questions: 58 which include 45 Multiple Choice Questions and 13 Student Produced Response Questions.
  • Heart of Algebra: 19 Questions
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis: 17 Questions
  • Passport to Advanced Math: 16 Questions
  • Additional topics in Math: 6 Questions


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