Focusing only on medicine or nursing, candidates will require to listen to recordings of presentations and consultations, read texts, write accurate and professional letters as well as conduct effective conversations with patients in the form of role-plays.

Duration: 45 hours.

Attendance: Five days a week.

Study Material: The Official Guide to OET by Kaplan Test Prep, USA along with online audio files and Kaplan Mobile Prep app / Cambridge OET Preparation (Nursing) along with online resources.

Our Methodology

Phase ONE: English grammar and vocabulary skill practice exercises including weekly grammar sessions. 

Phase TWO: Our own strategies and tips package that cracks every possible question.

Phase THREE: Three Practice Tests along with real-life role plays for the speaking section.

Examination Structure:

Listening 40 Minutes / 42 questions

  • PART A: Complete The Notes with a word or short phrase (24 blanks)
  • PART B: Different Short Recordings (6 multiple choice questions)
  • PART C: Long Recordings of Presentations or Interviews (12 multiple choice questions).

Reading 60 Minutes / 42 questions

  • PART A: Match Information/Answer Short Questions/Complete Sentences/Notes across 4 different texts (20 questions)
  • PART B: Different Short Texts (6 multiple choice questions)
  • PART C: Long Texts of Published Articles (16 multiple choice questions).

Writing 60 Minutes

  • 180-200 word referral or discharge or explanation letter (1 letter).

Speaking 20 Minutes

  • Role-plays with patient or family member or carer (2).


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