Our promise remains…you will be stunned by the quality of instruction! Because our approach is radically different from the routine approach of the marketplace.

Our delivery of content is based on a dual-pronged approach and addresses the communicational and personality based needs of each student. We don't want you to merely speak English. We want you to look and feel the part.

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Avinash Bhavnani

Head – Operations and Administration

Has been in the education industry since 1999 and has firm knowledge of branding and marketing in the educational space.

Is and has been a franchisee of leading educational brands like MAAC, ICA, SSI, IIHT and Boston Computer Education.

Over 15 years, more than 10000 students have trained at his franchisee centres and at least 5000 of them have been placed in companies of solid repute.

Is a partner in KidAnimator, a leading brand that offers school students classical animation training.

Given his extensive experience of working with students, he is well versed with student development, grievance addressal and career placement.

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Sandeep Jayaram

Head – English and Communication

As Head of English and Communication, he has more than 20 years of experience in English language training.

His contribution to education has been featured in Bombay Times, Bombay Times Westside Plus, Education Times, DNA, Mid-Day and Time Out.

As an English playwright, director and judge, he has collaborated with The American School, EcoleMondiale World School, Bombay International School, Hiranandani Foundation School, HillSpring International, FazlaniL'academieGlobale and Beacon High.

He has been part of international teams conducting corporate workshops at UTV, HSBC, Accenture and BNP Paribas.

In addition, he is a professional actor (TV, commercials, short-films, corporate films and plays).

TV: 'Savdhaan India' on Life OK. 'The Victorian Sex Explorer' on BBC 4. 12 episodes on 'MeriSaheli' onStarPlus. CNBC has also covered his contribution to education.

Commercials: Biografie custom-made linen shirts.

Short-films: Lead roles in projects for institutes like FTII (Nerostagona), Whistling Woods International (Shikast) and XIC (3).

Corporate films: Lead role in 11 films for Netherlands-based Global Business Academy.

English plays: 'Hamlet', 'Tughlaq', 'S.O.S.', 'Salome', 'The Help Desk and 'Raccontini'.

Voice-over and dubbing: 'Kung Fu Hustle', 'Mithi River: Making a sewer a river again', a corporate film for RG Bangle and several educational and cultural projects.